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During their four years at McMaster, residents rotate through various subspecialties in pediatrics. Each subspecialty has an educational coordinator Educational Resource Person or "ERP”. Each subspecialty also has a resident representative Resident Educational Resource Person or "RERP”.

For more information about each subspecialty rotation, including the rotation schedule, evaluation and expectations of the resident, click on the subspecialty.

Rotation Staff Educational Resource Person Resident Educational Resource Person
Adolescent Medicine Dr. Rodrigues Rebekah Smith
Anaesthesia Dr. Tracey Bruce Kal Mungoven
Child Maltreatment Dr. Baird Nadia Mansoor
Cardiology Dr. Predescu Ahmad Jaafar
Clinical Immunology & Allergy Dr. Cyr Abeer Hegazi
Developmental Pediatrics Dr. Kraus de Camargo Melania Tannenbaum
Emergency Medicine Dr. Weingarten Mohammed Alrowayshed
Endocrinology Dr. Bassilious Mena Bahnam
Gastroenterology Dr. Sherlock Dan Mulder
General Pediatrics McMaster(CTU)

CTU 1 and 2 Dr. Hunter

CTU 3 Dr. MacNay



Community Pediatrics

Dr. Babic-St. Joseph's

Dr. Hoegler-KW

Dr. Selliah-Brampton

Dr. Rocio Monroy-Niagara

Community Pediatric Resources

Lukas Kieswetter, Meredith Austin-Appleton
Genetics/Metabolics Dr. Li TBA
Hematology/Oncology Dr. Breakey Caroline Diorio
Infectious Diseases Dr. Pernica Arend Strikwerda
Integrated Pediatrics Dr. Hunter Dan Mulder
Nephrology Dr. Chanchlani Hannah Geddie
Neonatal Intensive Care

Dr. Williams

Lisa Brown
Neurology Dr. Callen Lisa Brown
Pediatric Palliative Medicine Dr. Lysecki  
Pediatric Critical Care Unit(PCCU)

PICU: Dr. Naveen Sidhu

PACE/Code Blue:

Madeline Burdick
Respirology Dr. Pedder Abeer Hegazi
Rheumatology Dr. Batthish Melanie Tannenbaum
Resident Continuity Clinic Dr. Babic Rebekah Smith
Social Pediatrics Dr. Wahi Meredith Austin-Appleton
Surgery Dr. Cameron Lukas Kieswetter